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Central Asia CompanyCentral Asia Company

«Central Asia Company» - is a Kazakhstani company, engaged in wholesale delivery of technological materials and equipment for the metallurgical, oil and gas industry.

The company's success is directly related to numbers of factors.

Высококвалифицированные специалисты

Firstly, our highly-qualified professionals will answer all specific questions within the scope of the company’s business.


Участие сотрудников компании в подборе оборудования и материалов

Secondly, employees are direct participants of equipment and materials’ selection process for each particular case. The main criterion for this procedure is knowledge of the technical and metrological characteristics of equipment and technological process in which it will be used.


Поставка оборудования и материалов


 Thirdly, we supply equipment and materials in a timely manner, regardless of their size and volume.



Риск который полностью берет на себя компания



Fourthly, Central Asia Company fully covers all the risks which are associated with delivery and purchase by paying costs of the equipment to manufacturer.


«Central Asia Company» has been successfully conducting business since 1999. Over the entire period of existence, we proved to be a reliable supplier of products offered. Behind all these there is hard work on optimization of the delivery processes, including refinement of routes and means of transportation, which ultimately reduces the cost of products supplied.

Today, «Central Asia Company» is able to supply equipment of diverse complexity in accordance with the technical documentation, not only in single exemplar, but also to equip the entire production cycle and ensure quality control of products.

«Central Asia Company» is actively involved in the process of re-equipment of enterprises, delivering them equipment and supplies with specifications that differ from the established in the regulations. This is so-called non-standardized equipment manufactured by our partner-factories after negotiations.